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How to Compost Without a Bin

Ive been working on this experiment. Instead of composting in a pile or a bin, Ive been throwing my garbage straight in the gardens. Have I done the unthinkable? I’ll tell you how and why I’ve been doing this.

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Killer Garden Soil that Grows Plants Like Crazy

Its no secret, good soil grows good plants. You know it, I know it, but the experts in the horticultural trades are learning more… Agriculturists are discovering soil secrets to grow healthy, gargantuan plants that cut fertilizer costs to a minimum. Good soil is all it takes. And you can GROW good garden soil. Thousands […]

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Three Easy DIY Soil Tests

Three Easy DIY Soil Tests Great gardening starts with good soil right? and things grow differently in each type of soil.  Different types of soil include sand, clay and silt.  I tried the ‘jar test’ to determine what my garden soil is made of. It was easy and fun, a project your kids will love! […]

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Old Compost and the Surprise Tomatoes

Did you know that tomato plants, as well as most other plants grow like weeds under the right conditions? I didnt. Great garden soil is the key. I always have such a hard time growing healthy tomatoes and getting high yields. I thought my soil was adequate. I got a real surprise when a few tomato […]

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Soil Can Reduce Anxiety?

ok, we know that gardening is good for you, right? It makes us happy, supplies healthy doses of sunshine and fresh air, plus its great exercise! BUT here’s some real scientific proof that gardening has real physiological effects… its in the DIRT. Soil can reduce anxiety. It has the potential to heal disease and can […]

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How To Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Used Coffee Grounds are GREAT for your plants, don’t throw it away! Add it to your compost pile filter and all, or even sprinkle the grounds directly into the garden to help plants grow like crazy. Its loaded with nitrogen, with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 20:1, the same as manure. Not only does […]

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Homemade Compost Bins

Homemade compost bins are infinite, you can make them out of just about anything. Simple or fancy, big or small, they’ve all been done and the design is only left to your imagination. To the compost, it doesn’t matter which design you choose… but YOU want something that looks good and does its job. In […]

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