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Mexican butterwort (Pinguicula Moranensis) Gnat Plant.

This gnat plant also known as  Mexican butterwort (Pinguicula Moranensis) was a gift from Trish, for my birthday.  This plant has bloomed twice in 6 weeks. This plant uses its flowers to attract the gnats to the plant.  Then if the gnats touch the leaves which are very sticky (glandular) they will be stuck there, […]

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The search for the spider plant. Different types…

different types of spider plants

Everyone has heard of the spider plant right? The airplane plant? Chlorophytum comosum for all the plant people. Ok right everyone knows what I am talking about. There are many different types of spider plants. So I decided to see how many different varieties were out there. This is what I have found.     […]

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Boston Fern Care – Winter Cleanup

Boston Ferns are messy and need cleanup especially in the winter. Watch as Jon performs necessary boston fern care in the winter, and boy it was cold outside. Being outside for a short time in January shouldnt hurt indoor house plants if you work quickly.

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Pruning Yucca

Jon prunes a 10 foot tropical indoor yucca tree. The tallest of the yucca species, Yucca Elephantipes is known to grow up to 30 feet tall with a 15 foot spread. This would occur in the outdoor natural habitat of the mexican desert. In the home its a little more tame, but pruning can help keep your yucca vigorous and healthy.

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