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How to Make a Fairy Garden… Without Plants?

June 7th, 2016 by Trisha

A garden with no plants? why would I want that??? Some of us plant obsessed people may not get it. BUT, there’s a ton of reasons this little project can come in handy! Maybe you know that perfect someone to give an enchanting gift, but they don’t have such a green thumb. Maybe you need light-weight, mess-free centerpieces that last. Maybe you just don’t have room in your windowsill for a single plant. I’m in love with fairy gardens. So, fairy gardens, even without plants are still so charming and magical. I’ll show you how to make a fairy garden that requires absolutely no care

Here’s the simple concept. I don’t know why i must sketch everything first.

how to make a fairy garden


How to Make A Fairy Garden Without Plants

Project Time: 12 minutes

#1 Gather Supplies
how to make a fairy garden
For this fairy garden I used a bonsai dish, floral foam, decorative moss and one of my fairy garden kits.

#2 Find a Container
how to make a fairy garden
This bonsai dish has been waiting for me to think of something to do with it.

#3 Cut and Size the Foam
how to make a fairy garden
Fill the dish with foam. Here’s a piece of floral foam that I bought at the dollar store. It didn’t cover the dish so I cut pieces to size. If you plan to add plants later, you CAN use potting soil. If you do, remember to water it every couple of weeks because soil drys airy, after a while it won’t hold the wire supports.

#4 Flatten and Place Decorative Moss
how to make a fairy garden
Cover the foam with decorative moss. I grabbed this bag from Menards for 3 bucks. I really wish it were GREEN, so I might enhance the color with spray paint. It says “green” on the bag, ah well, its still pretty. If you need to glue the moss down to keep it put, use styrofoam instead of floral foam. Hot glue wont stick to floral foam. You can alternatively wet the moss before you place it, so that it shapes nicely to the foam. Some other ideas for the ‘green carpet’ could be astroturf (eh maybe). A fuzzy blanket. A green crochet winter scarf. Shredded coconut dyed with green food coloring. Fake grass from a hobby shop (by the train modeling section). I know the dollar store sells green moss as well.

#5 Add Fairy Magic
how to make a fairy garden
Final step, this is the fun part. Add your fairy garden magic! Arrange your pieces however you’d like to create your magical fairy world.

Final Product
how to make a fairy garden

how to make a fairy garden

There you go! Now you know how to make a fairy garden without plants. If you know someone that would love to know how to make a fairy garden with no plants, share this post!  If you have made fairy gardens, Id love to see photos of your work! Add them to the comments below!

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