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Soil Can Reduce Anxiety?

ok, we know that gardening is good for you, right? It makes us happy, supplies healthy doses of sunshine and fresh air, plus its great exercise! BUT here’s some real scientific proof that gardening has real physiological effects… its in the DIRT. Soil can reduce anxiety. It has the potential to heal disease and can […]

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Homemade Compost Bins

Homemade compost bins are infinite, you can make them out of just about anything. Simple or fancy, big or small, they’ve all been done and the design is only left to your imagination. To the compost, it doesn’t matter which design you choose… but YOU want something that looks good and does its job. In […]

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A World Without the Banana?

Did you know there are many types of Banana’s other than the common yellow type you see at the store? The cultivars Dwarf Cavendish and Grand Nain (Chiquita Banana) are the yellow ones. Grown for their superior storage life, and taste. But did you know that they might be unavailable in 10-15 years due to […]

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Sunflower Fort!

sunflower fort

This sunflower fort is such a great project for kids to have a really cool place to play when the sunflowers grow. You’ll even get a chance to teach them about gardening! They will enjoy digging, planting seeds and keeping them watered. Our facebook friends LOVED this one, so I had to post it here. […]

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Growing Sprouts: A Chart of Nutritional Benefits

Being a plant freak I’ve become increasingly interested in growing sprouts inside my home. I wanted to grow alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts and mung bean sprouts, but having never tried it I needed to learn how. There are so many different types of seeds and beans to sprout, some of them are grown differently than […]

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