no invasive plants

The first year I started the nursery, I was given a clump of ribbon grass to add to my small collection of plants. I planted it out and was so thrilled at how fast it grew. ‘This is gonna be a great start to the nursery’, I thought. I got 12 plants out of 1 in just a few weeks! With so little experience, I wasnt able to see straight common sense. Something that grows that quickly? What do you think will happen when someone plants it, openly in their yard? It wasnt long before Jon joined me and CRINGED when he saw it. ‘Uhhhhm, thats invasive’ he politely told me. I could see that it spread, but I couldn’t fathom that it would spread ENDLESSLY, and be impossible to get rid of. Like so many invasive plants, it was so pretty! So I divided the plants into pots and offered it for sale. Jon knew… just like one of our very first customers… ‘youre selling THAT plant?’ I think the word ‘evil’ ended up somewhere in that conversation.

Safe to say, since then Jon has taught me a TON about all the different shrubs and perennials, how things grow and what makes a good plant. Hes kind of the expert. And now we can agree on a strict policy of never offering invasive plants to an unknowing public. I feel confident and proud of that. But every now and then, he likes to jab at my ignorance. Im not ashamed, I think its funny too, and its a good reminder. Weve come a long way in 4 short years.