Organic Weed Control

I couldn’t live without my newspaper. Not because I actually read the newspaper, but because it does my weeding for me! Newspaper is a highly effective way to snuff out established weeds in the garden. It creates a biodegradable barrier so that sunlight cant reach weed and grass roots and doesnt allow them to grow.

Put it on thick and overlap well!
Place 8-10 sheets of newspaper in your garden bed, keeping it 3″ away from stems of established plants. Water, so the paper doesnt blow away while youre working. Cover with mulch, wood chips or even dirt. Last step, just as important… sprinkle pre-emergent herbicide such as Preen on the finished job, to keep weed seeds from blowing on to your lovely weedless garden bed and taking root.

Now, its probably just a rumor, but I heard on the radio that the Chicago tribune will be closing its print division. It got me thinking about alternatives. Cardboard works really really well, I’ve used it in the past. The thicker the better. Paper grocery bags could work. Paper refuse bags, the type used for yard waste, would be fantastic for weed control.

This is a quick start method for organic weed control. Every year you’ll need to pull any weeds that do come up, not many if youve applied a thick enough layer. And youll need to re-edge and add more mulch.