It’s an exciting TIME. Early January, the seed catalogs are starting to arrive and we’ve spotted seeds on sale at the hardware store. Time to prepare to grow! BUT. I always have to slow myself down, take a deep breath. Its embarrassing how many times Ive started too many seeds, too soon and overcrowded my little indoor space until half my plants were dead.

If youre rarin to go, check out our downloadable seed starter guides dedicated to vegetables! The’ll help you know what to start, and WHEN!

Here’s a little about potting/seed starting soil. AND! I’ve been testing a homemade self watering flat, which I can safely now say, works well enough to post the video here. Only thing to do differently… absolutely use plywood instead of cardboard.

As promised, heres the link to benefits of using newspaper as a capillary mat.

Happy Sprouting!