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9 Creative Fairy Door Ideas You Can Do Yourself

I’m OBSESSED with Fairy Gardens. Fairy doors, little mushrooms, garden Gnomes… obsessed.  I really have gone fairy garden crazy. And rightly so. After rigorous hours in the nursery moving massive amounts of soil, hauling pots, building cinderblock structures, its such a relief to sit and create something… small. ahhhhh. my back thanks me. Here are […]

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The search for the spider plant. Different types…

different types of spider plants

Everyone has heard of the spider plant right? The airplane plant? Chlorophytum comosum for all the plant people. Ok right everyone knows what I am talking about. There are many different types of spider plants. So I decided to see how many different varieties were out there. This is what I have found.     […]

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A score at the junk yard- Live Moss

Took a trip to the junk yard in Blue Island (Chicago) today.   The only thing I thought we were getting was truck parts.  Well, right there in 30 degree weather on the ground I just happen to see a few pieces of live moss.  Under closer inspection I figured this moss would be just perfect […]

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Pruning Burning Bush

Three tools were needed in pruning this burning bush. A lopper, hand pruners and a pruning saw. The first step is to cut out the dead and unhealthy branches. Then work bottom up. Remove the branches from the crown at the bottom to give the bush a nice vase shape. When cutting branches, cut close, but not flush up against the main stem. Look through the bush for branches that are crossing, or areas of growth that are too crowded. You want to make space for air and light to reach all areas of the bush. If you bring the height down a few feet, trim at the nodes. If you want to cut the bush back hard, the general rule of thumb is to prune after at least one hard freeze

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Whats Happening in July


What a year. It seems like we’ve seen the worst of every change of this season. Unseasonably cold in the early spring delaying spring planting by weeks. Then, excessive rain, bringing in the bugs and flooding in the Mississippi, which is said to be the cause of this unbearable heat. Will we ever get relief? […]

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First Plant Sale Went Great!

I want to thank everyone who came out to my first plant sale last weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying your new plants! It was a beautiful weekend, the weather held out and I’ve come to one very solid conclusion. People who like plants are simply wonderful people. You guys made three 10 hour days […]

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