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Gearing Up

Preparing for Roots Nursery’s first sale ever. The list is long, info sheets, inventory, signs signs and more signs. Im nervous and excited all at once. I cant wait to meet new people and make new friends. A year of preparation has gone into this sale and fingers crossed it goes well.

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It’s Official!

Roots Nursery has passed inspection and is ready to rock-n-roll! It’s a great day here at Root’s Nursery. The inspector came early this morning and gave the nursery a great big green light, and a yellow certificate which proudly hangs on the refrigerator. Sure is reason to celebrate, and will be doing a happy dance […]

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Checking the Garden in the winter

Jon, is there a reason Im standing outside in January?? Why yes, Trisha, there are in fact many reasons to check the garden in the middle of the winter. Even though its COLD outside, run out and check your landscape plants in the winter for cold damage, wind damage and critter damage. Plants also can heave from the soil exposing the roots and killing the plants. Push them back into the soil and save your plants.

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Pruning Yucca

Jon prunes a 10 foot tropical indoor yucca tree. The tallest of the yucca species, Yucca Elephantipes is known to grow up to 30 feet tall with a 15 foot spread. This would occur in the outdoor natural habitat of the mexican desert. In the home its a little more tame, but pruning can help keep your yucca vigorous and healthy.

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