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Winter Garden

How to Build A Cold Frame

Cold frames are great for all sorts of garden related things… Storing plants you didn’t get a chance plant the previous year. Extending your growing season for cold weather veggies, and hardening off seedlings you started indoors. Cold frames are so easy to build. Sure you could buy a cold frame kit, but there’s not […]

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Indoor Vegetable Garden from Scraps

Dont Make Soup, grow vegetables! Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden from Leftover Scraps. I’ve been seeing a lot of people growing celery from the bottom 2″ of the stalk, and was inspired to try it. But what other vegetables can you root from parts of the original plant. Here’s a quick list of what I’ve […]

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Winter Garden: The Winter Harvest Handbook

As I was discovering more about the Winter Garden, Jon bought me this awesome book that explains how a zone 5 Maine commercial farm performs the winter harvest to supply local restaurants with fresh vegetables. Its nothing short of amazing if you live in a cold climate, to know you can have fresh veggies in […]

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Winter Garden: Cold Hardy Winter Vegetables

Winter Garden Vegetables

Each January and February, through our frigid Chicago winters, my only real plan is to sit by the space heater. Until recently, when I saw a photograph of a snow covered cold frame filled with healthy green vegetables inside. I figured they must be in a more temperate zone and went on with business until […]

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