Broken pot fairy garden? Im listening… After finding the most amazing upcycling idea ever, I am now convinced that God made pots breakable just to reuse for fairy gardens.  Sometimes those pots are so stubborn, they can live forever with a crack down the side. So if you see me sneaking around with a hammer, you’ll know what I’m up to. I don’t condone the murder of innocent terra cotta, but sometimes it’s for the cause.

This broken pot fairy garden was one of the first of a slew of jaw dropping fairy gardens. The hens and chicks (sempervivum) bursting at the seems is what really gets me in this arrangement. Densely compact succulents keep it looking clean. It’s neat and tidy and messy all at once!  The fairy door, bird bath and little birdhouse on top is like the icing on a chocolate cake!

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

I had to try this myself.

broken pot fairy garden

When the plants grew in, it looked fabulous, but I want to show you the bare bones. It’s relatively easy to fit the pieces together into a nice arrangement.  Some tips to make it work. Wet your soil so it packs firmly. And you do have to pack very firmly to get the whole thing to stay together. It will take some adjusting. The rock at the bottom was not only decorative but helped to support the entire garden. The steps were the hardest to get to stay in place. Keep working with it until you get your desired result, because this will be a beautiful garden for a long time. It does hold together if done right.

Here the plants are starting to grow in…

broken pot fairy garden 2

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Here are some of my favorite broken pot fairy gardens from pinterest to get your juices flowing. There are so many creative people out there! (Click the image to see the original pin.)















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