Red Fairy Door made of popsicle sticks

I’m OBSESSED with Fairy Gardens. Fairy doors, fairy houses, little mushrooms, garden Gnomes… obsessed.  I really have gone fairy garden crazy.

And rightly so.

After rigorous hours in the nursery moving massive amounts of soil, hauling pots, building cinderblock structures, its such a relief to sit and create something… small.

ahhhhh. my back thanks me.

Here are nine wonderfully creative fairy doors that I found on pinterest, made with things you might find around your home. I was so inspired I scavenged my home for bits and baubles and made my own. Hopefully, it will inspire you too. Here are my instructions on how to make fairy doors.

Fairy Doors

Can You Believe this Fairy Door is made out of Popsicle Sticks???
these are SO easy to make. Popsicle sticks. Glue. Paint and doo dads.
I wrote a post with instructions here.

Birch Log Fairy Door

At first I thought, that would be hard to hollow out a little birch log. But looking closer, duh. Just paint it! This would be easy to scrape off some bark… or don’t! Just trace an area and hit it with black paint. Then go nuts with the decorations.

Fairy Door Made of an old hollow log:

I think this one looks easy to me because we had some big trees come down. Someone came out and sliced up all of them and left them for us to use for firewood. There are many interesting logs with cracks and crevices that look like doors. It would be simple to pull one out, grab your hot glue and find some twigs to make little fancies… If your yard is clean, look for a neighbor with trees that have been taken down. Ask the if you can steal some pieces.</a

Fairy Doors made out of bark and rocks

This one is SUPER easy recycling fun. Find an old water bottle, yogurt cup, butter tub. Flip it. cut out a door. Glue on rocks and bark… done and done. The faster the work comes together, the easier it is to add those creative touches. LOVE it.

Fairy House with a Fairy Door Made from a pumpkin

ok, this one will take some time. But right after halloween, you might be in luck. Id say, to save time in carving and to make your fairy house last longer, paint the doors and windows with black paint. Then glue on the knick knacks and fun stuff. Find twigs and flower buds around the yard and go to town. The moral of this post. Hot Glue is a crafters best friend.

Fairy Treehouse Ladder Door

This looks super easy but might take a few minutes with a tiny little drill bit. This ladder is so so cute and i can see two ways to do it. Cut twigs. Find a tiny drill bit and drill holes to feed the string through. Make sure a knot before and after each rung. OR if you dont have a drill or don’t actually feel like drilling, just tie a knot around each rung. If it’s a little off, it will only add to the adorableness of this thing. It’s pretty easy to tie it up…

Shared by Patricia

Simple fairy entryway with twigs and pinecones

This is as easy as sticking sticks in a hole. Literally. If you have a tree with an opening, just place sticks, pinecones, rocks and more around it. You could always glue it in place if you don’t want it to blow or wash away with the next rain.

Fairy Ladder and door with twigs and hot glue

I mean how cute. Get your hot glue gun. Glue some twigs together to make the door and the platform. Then glue twigs onto larger branches, or anything you have laying around to make the ladder. Then glue on your little fancy things like flowers, jewelry, decorative moss, anything from your craft box.

Popsicle stick fairy door with branches and old jewelry

Again, this is a super fast and easy project. Your kids will love it. All you need is some popsicle sticks, the right kind of glue for outdoors, and whatever fun stuff laying around the house or yard to decorate it. Instructions are here.

Fairy Garden Doors you can Buy

Oh, some more awesome things. I told you I was obsessed. Someone asked me where to buy fairy doors in the comments. I usually go to my nursery, but once I started looking on Amazon, it was hard to stop, they have so many wonderful things and they’re actually even cheaper!

I found this glow in the dark fairy door and window set. These are adorable. I may have to buy a bunch of these for my whole yard.

Here’s a beautiful fairy door already done for you. Mushrooms and all.

A gorgeous hobbit door. I’m a sucker for these. It would be easy to build a mound of soil and grow moss on top of in a nice shady place. Then carve out a space the door on the side of the mound and place it in…. how stinkin cute!

And if you like RED, which is what inspired me to do this post in the first place… a round red gnome door.

And even more. oh my gosh, dont get me started on amazon. The selection is endless.

I hope you have fun with your fairy gardening! There are so many options it’s almost hard to get started. Don’t wait to choose, just grab something get started! Fairy doors are such a fun little project. Hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas 😀

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