Used Coffee Grounds are GREAT for your plants, don’t throw it away! Add it to your compost pile filter and all, or even sprinkle the grounds directly into the garden to help plants grow like crazy. Its loaded with nitrogen, with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 20:1, the same as manure. Not only does it smell delicious, your plants will love it.

Here are 5 ways to Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

1. Add it to your compost bin. Coffee grounds make an excellent ‘green’ material (nitrogen). When you compost, you layer ‘green’ materials, like grass clippings, kitchen scraps and plant debris, with ‘brown’ matter (carbon) like leaves, bark, straw or newspaper. Combining the two helps the organic matter break down quicker and leaves you with a nutrient rich soil to add to your garden. “Black Gold!!!”

2. Use it straight in your garden as a mulch or soil conditioner. Coffee grounds will add nitrogen to the soil to feed the plants and adds acidity for bluer blooms on hydrangeas.  Coffee grounds will also attract worms. The more worms the better, as they are continuously composting and aerating the soil and feeding your plants with fresh nutrients.

3. Use it as worm bedding and feed. Worm castings are said to be the gardeners ultimate compost because they naturally contain so many of the minerals plants need. If you’re itching to try ‘vermicomposting’ give your worms a treat with used coffee grounds.

4. Make a compost tea. Stuff a sock full of used coffee grounds and steep it in a 5 gallon bucket of water  (or bigger)  for a few days. What comes out?… compost tea! Use the tea to water your plants for a nutritious boost.

5. Add it to your house plants. Our facebook fans report that sprinkling used coffee grounds in the soil around your house plants will make them grow like crazy!

Check out the results of compost created from only coffee grounds and shredded newspaper. The results are pretty cool

You should always be feeding your soil to keep your plants healthy and growing. If you have a few more minutes and would like to learn exactly whats going on in your soil, heres the best video Ive seen about it! These people are growing gigantic vegetables with just great soil…

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