Its been a busy month here, making new plants for next year. From the spring sales, I have a good idea of what people like and what they dont. PLUS! I’ve picked up a number of new BEAUTIFUL plants that will be ready for $5 gallon containers next spring. The babies are in the greenhouse ‘incubating’ at the moment and I have a few ‘toddlers’ already sleeping restfully in their new beds. Those should be pretty large by spring 2012, so the first visitors next year will have a real treat!

Expansion is the word for June. With such success this spring, I kinda went all out this year. Preparing places to put all the new plants has been the main focus. With off and on sales throughout the month, new plant propagation, and keeping things tidy, its been a lot of work. BUT! You know, its never really ‘work’ when you love what you do.

The Japanese beetles are back! I curse the person who made the mistake of importing this horrendous beast. They devour everything beyond recognition and are nearly impossible to get rid of. I contemplate extermination almost daily and have learned a few things. So I wrote an article about getting rid of beetles.

Weeds. Weeds. Weeds. By now I bet youre sick of weeding. I am too. I use a method of weed suppression in all of my gardens that seems to do the trick, so I’ve also written an article about organic weed control.

And last but not least, there are still quite a few plants left in the driveway. I’m here daily if you’d like to pick up a nice 1 gallon shrub for $5. Send me a quick email and let me know about when youd like to come out so I dont keep you waiting.

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