How cool is this plastic bottle garden. Seems like a great way to recycle! But be careful before undergoing a project like this. It might be harmful to your health.


I could not find the original source for this image, so there is no more information about this cool looking garden or what type of bottles they used, but we were getting few questions on facebook about chemicals from the plastic, leaching into the soil. This is a real concern. mentions that Bisphenol A (BPA) in water bottles can cause interference of hormonal messaging, cancer and other nasty stuff.

There are numerous types of plastic made of different materials. All sources Ive researched say that #2 (high density polyethylene), #4 (low density polyethylene), and #5 (polypropylene) are safe for food. Are they safe enough for a plastic bottle garden? Im still looking, but I would seriously think twice before you building a garden like this. Check the type of plastic the bottle is made of, research the chemical components and if it has the likelihood to leach into your soil.

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