As I was doing some winter sowing, I had an idea. Could I adapt this concept to work indoors?  Keep the elements out (mainly my cats) and the condensation and humidity in. Since I used up all of the 1-gallon milk jugs, I resorted to a cranberry juice bottle snatched from the trash (reuse! recycle! they say)  So I washed out the bottle, grabbed a pair of scissors and my trusty drill.  Zippity doo, instant plastic bottle terrarium.


Drill some holes in the cap, or remove cap.  Cut the bottle open leaving enough room for dirt.  Place the top back on and see if its the size you want it to be.  If not, cut away more plastic from the top portion.  Fill with dirt, seeds, or cuttings! I chose cuttings here.

plastic bottle terrarium

A little water goes a long way here so don’t overwater!  Place the top back on, open the cap at least 2x a day to let out excess moisture.  After these plants take root, I will pot them up, and stick some new cuttings back in my new mini terrarium!

Another added convenience of this simple terrarium?  Keeps my cats from eating my plants!

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