In this video, Jon is pruning a burning bush that’s so overgrown, I can’t even see out of my bedroom window. and yes that is Halloween makeup still left in his hair from yesterday! This is my first real video editing job. I hope it isnt too long and as informative as it should be. I tried to make it a fun little video to watch!

Three tools were needed in pruning this burning bush. A lopper, hand pruners, and a pruning saw. The first step is to cut out the dead and unhealthy branches. Then work bottom-up. Remove the branches from the crown at the bottom to give the bush a nice vase shape. When cutting branches, cut close, but not flush up against the main stem. Look through the bush for branches that are crossing, or areas of growth that are too crowded. You want to make space for air and light to reach all areas of the bush. If you bring the height down a few feet, trim at the nodes. If you want to cut the bush back hard, the general rule of thumb is to prune after at least one hard freeze.

I love how it looks cut back this way… tell me what YOU think!

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Pruning Burning Bush

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