This sunflower fort is such a great project for kids to have a really cool place to play when the sunflowers grow. You’ll even get a chance to teach them about gardening! They will enjoy digging, planting seeds and keeping them watered. Our facebook friends LOVED this one, so I had to post it here. Its pretty easy to build. here’s how id do it. Dig a ring, about 1 foot wide, 8ft in diameter. Prepare the ground for seeds (remove grass, dig a little, add compost) Sowing is relatively simple. Spread the seeds. They’re huge seeds, so maybe 6″ apart, 1/2″ deep or else the birds will eat em (poke a hole with your finger). Cover the seeds and keep them watered. Stake/rope supports are a good idea to keep them from blowing over. You’ll be surprised at how easy this is.

Sunflower Fort

watch the pre-K students do it!

Watching it grow is fun too!

sunflower fort

how great! from pinterest

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