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How to Compost Without a Bin

Ive been working on this experiment. Instead of composting in a pile or a bin, Ive been throwing my garbage straight in the gardens. Have I done the unthinkable? I’ll tell you how and why I’ve been doing this.

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Three Easy DIY Soil Tests

Three Easy DIY Soil Tests Great gardening starts with good soil right? and things grow differently in each type of soil.  Different types of soil include sand, clay and silt.  I tried the ‘jar test’ to determine what my garden soil is made of. It was easy and fun, a project your kids will love! […]

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Old Compost and the Surprise Tomatoes

Did you know that tomato plants, as well as most other plants grow like weeds under the right conditions? I didnt. Great garden soil is the key. I always have such a hard time growing healthy tomatoes and getting high yields. I thought my soil was adequate. I got a real surprise when a few tomato […]

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Seed Chart – Seed Starting In February

When the weather outside is frightful, get started on your garden INSIDE! Theres a lot you can do in February. Heres a seed chart of the seeds you can start indoors in February. Feel free to download and share! Happy gardening. right click to download. Recommended for zone 5! If you life in a different […]

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Square Foot Gardening… Vegetables Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.

Mel Bartholomew, inventor of square foot gardening was not a horticulturist by trade, he was a civil engineer who sold his company and retired to his garden at the age of 42. When Mel started gardening, conventional gardens were single row gardens, averaging a 20’x30′ ft. His very first disappointment was that tending this type […]

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How To Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Used Coffee Grounds are GREAT for your plants, don’t throw it away! Add it to your compost pile filter and all, or even sprinkle the grounds directly into the garden to help plants grow like crazy. Its loaded with nitrogen, with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 20:1, the same as manure. Not only does […]

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A World Without the Banana?

Did you know there are many types of Banana’s other than the common yellow type you see at the store? The cultivars Dwarf Cavendish and Grand Nain (Chiquita Banana) are the yellow ones. Grown for their superior storage life, and taste. But did you know that they might be unavailable in 10-15 years due to […]

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