I want to thank everyone who came out to my first plant sale last weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying your new plants!

It was a beautiful weekend, the weather held out and I’ve come to one very solid conclusion. People who like plants are simply wonderful people. You guys made three 10 hour days just whiz by.

AND! More than half of what I grew was sold! Over 200 plants! So thank you for coming out and making my first sale a huge success!

If you didn’t get an info care sheet for your plant, I finally was able to post everything on the available plants list.

There are still quite a few plants left, so I’ll be doing it again this holiday weekend. If you were wishing that you picked up just one more, there are more of most of the plants that you saw… Im sold out of the boxwood, and there are only 4 iris and 2 shasta daisys left. But there are many others left.

Thanks again!

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