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Plastic Bottle Garden

How cool is this plastic bottle garden. Seems like a great way to recycle! But be careful before undergoing a project like this. It might be harmful to your health. I could not find the original source for this image, so there is no more information about this cool looking garden or what type of […]

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How to Make a Terrarium

how to make a terrarium - plants

Been researching how to make a terrarium. Its  a fun, simple little project that can be around for years and it doesnt take long to make. Terrariums are self sustaining environments that need only sunlight to survive. The plants emit water that gathers as condensation on the glass. As the water gains mass, it drips down […]

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My First Fairy Garden Doors

I was so impressed with how great popsicle stick fairy doors look, I had to try it myself. What I didn’t know is that they’re quick easy projects you can do with your kids. Fairy Garden doors are very satisfying without much time or effort at all. and theyre so much fun! You can get really […]

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How to Build A Cold Frame

Cold frames are great for all sorts of garden related things… Storing plants you didn’t get a chance plant the previous year. Extending your growing season for cold weather veggies, and hardening off seedlings you started indoors. Cold frames are so easy to build. Sure you could buy a cold frame kit, but there’s not […]

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Indoor Vegetable Garden from Scraps

Dont Make Soup, grow vegetables! Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden from Leftover Scraps. I’ve been seeing a lot of people growing celery from the bottom 2″ of the stalk, and was inspired to try it. But what other vegetables can you root from parts of the original plant. Here’s a quick list of what I’ve […]

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Winter Garden: The Winter Harvest Handbook

As I was discovering more about the Winter Garden, Jon bought me this awesome book that explains how a zone 5 Maine commercial farm performs the winter harvest to supply local restaurants with fresh vegetables. Its nothing short of amazing if you live in a cold climate, to know you can have fresh veggies in […]

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How to Grow Vegetables

how to grow vegetables

If you needed to know MORE about how to grow vegetables than the seed packet tells you, heres an excellent resource. A pretty big list of how to grow a number of different vegetables from the Gardeners Network

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