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Fairy Garden

My First Fairy Garden Doors


I was so impressed with how great popsicle stick fairy doors look, I had to try it myself. What I didn’t know is that they’re quick easy projects you can do with your kids. Very satisfying without too much time and effort. Fairy Garden Tools I gathered stuff from around the house… found the old […]

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Fairy Garden Firepit, no way!


Im so stoked about this Source: via Trisha on Pinterest We’re SERIOUS fire people here, so for us, this must be king of all fairy garden accessories. Ideas are FLOODING in. I want to have a REAL fire in this pit, but the item here (amazon) is made of resin, which would melt faster […]

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Broken pots turned into a fairy’s paradise!


Source: via Kathy on Pinterest   After finding this most amazing use of broken pots I am now convinced they are meant for fairy gardens.  Good thing I left a bunch of my pots out this year, maybe some will break!  Well, you know how that goes, the one time you want a few […]

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All these great fairy garden ideas, in one place

This should keep us busy for a WHILE. such beautiful stuff! Source: via Jan on Pinterest

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Clay Fairy Houses – made by my son!


These fairy houses were hand crafted by my 17 year old son in his ceramics class. You can imagine my delight when my son called during the school day ‘hey ma, im in ceramics class, what do you want’. The urge to rattle off a huge list was a struggle, but i managed to keep […]

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9 Creative Fairy Door Ideas You Can Do Yourself


Im OBSESSED with Fairy Gardens. Fairy Doors, Fairy Garden Supplies, Garden Gnomes… obsessed.  I really have gone fairy garden crazy. And rightly so. After rigorous hours in the nursery moving massive amounts of soil, hauling pots, building cinderblock structures, its such a relief to sit and create something… small. ahhhhh. my back thanks me. Here […]

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