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10 Beautiful Pallet Garden Ideas

Pallet gardens are all the rage. From veggies and herbs, to annuals to succulents, a pallet garden is clever and beautiful! Here are 10 pallet garden ideas for you to create! Succulent Pallet Garden Ideas I’m a sucker for succulents, especially vertical succulents. This gorgeous pallet garden is filled with drought tolerant, easy to care for plants and looks amazing. […]

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If you want to make us laugh, mention the ribbon grass…

The first year I started the nursery, I was given a clump of ribbon grass to add to my small collection of plants. I planted it out and was so thrilled at how fast it grew. ‘This is gonna be a great start to the nursery’, I thought. I got 12 plants out of 1 […]

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Protecting Shrubs From Rabbits

protecting shrubs from rabbits

Before winter after fall, that one week before it really gets cold is the week to protect your new or in danger shrubs from them cute rabbits. I use 3′ tall chicken fencing. Burlap can also be used. When protecting shrubs from rabbits, I find it important to use stakes or old utility flags bent […]

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Killer Garden Soil that Grows Plants Like Crazy

Its no secret, good soil grows good plants. You know it, I know it, but the experts in the horticultural trades are learning more… Agriculturists are discovering soil secrets to grow healthy, gargantuan plants that cut fertilizer costs to a minimum. Good soil is all it takes. And you can GROW good garden soil. Thousands […]

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Organic Weed Control. Save the Paper!


Organic Weed Control I couldn’t live without my newspaper. Not because I actually read the newspaper, but because it does my weeding for me! Newspaper is a highly effective way to snuff out established weeds in the garden. It creates a biodegradable barrier so that sunlight cant reach weed and grass roots and doesnt allow […]

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Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles


Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles Japanese Beetle Control Dont ya just hate em??? Japanese Beetles have been a nuisance in America since 1916. Thought to be imported as grubs in a shipment of iris bulbs from Japan 5 to 6 years prior, it was soon realized that Japanese Beetles were a serious threat to agriculture […]

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Three Easy DIY Soil Tests

Three Easy DIY Soil Tests Great gardening starts with good soil right? and things grow differently in each type of soil.  Different types of soil include sand, clay and silt.  I tried the ‘jar test’ to determine what my garden soil is made of. It was easy and fun, a project your kids will love! […]

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