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Fairy Houses. How to Build your Own!

clay fairy houses

If you’ve been reading our blog, you probably figured out that I am totally obsessed with fairy gardens. So making fairy houses would just come naturally. They’re the basis of a fairy garden. Tiny landscapes where little people live, I mean, come on. How awesome is that. I’ve built so many fairy houses, from wood, from concrete, from clay… I have […]

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10 Beautiful Pallet Garden Ideas

Pallet gardens are all the rage. From veggies and herbs, to annuals to succulents, a pallet garden is clever and beautiful! Here are 10 pallet garden ideas for you to create! Succulent Pallet Garden Ideas I’m a sucker for succulents, especially vertical succulents. This gorgeous pallet garden is filled with drought tolerant, easy to care for plants and looks amazing. […]

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Hows Your Soil? Your WEEDS Will Tell You

Itching to know what type of soil you have??? forget soil tests, look no further than the weeds that grow in your gardens. I just ran across this mega-interesting article explains what the weeds in your garden are telling you. It lists the most common weeds and what type of soil they grow best in. […]

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