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Recycled Crafts

10 Beautiful Pallet Garden Ideas

Pallet gardens are all the rage. From veggies and herbs, to annuals to succulents, a pallet garden is clever and beautiful! Here are 10 pallet garden ideas for you to create! Succulent Pallet Garden Ideas I’m a sucker for succulents, especially vertical succulents. This gorgeous pallet garden is filled with drought tolerant, easy to care for plants and looks amazing. […]

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Plastic Bottle Garden

How cool is this plastic bottle garden. Seems like a great way to recycle! But be careful before undergoing a project like this. It might be harmful to your health. I could not find the original source for this image, so there is no more information about this cool looking garden or what type of […]

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Recycling- New use for an old beer can

So I’ve had a few bulbs sitting around for a few months now, just because I couldn’t find anything to put them in.  I knew I wanted it to be something different.  So I looked around today and went through a hundred pots, old shoes, coffee cups but nothing really made me think different! I […]

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Plastic Bottle Greenhouse!

So this all started out today as I did some winter sowing.  While cutting milk jugs I wondered, could I adapt this into a indoor mini greenhouse?  Well,  I was all out of 1 gallon milk jugs, but I did have a cranberry juice bottle laying around!  So I washed out the bottle, grabbed a […]

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Winter Sowing, AND Recycling.

Winter Sowing, AND Recycling -A few years back I decided to try and start sowing seeds while there was still snow on the ground!  So, I grabbed a bunch of different seed packages I had laying around from, many years before.  I grabbed a few old 1 gallon milk jugs, and cut the bottoms off.  […]

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Pop Can Solar Heater. Cold Frame Plans


A pop can solar heater? This opens doors if it works. I just ordered 16 packets of new seeds and only have space left for 3 empty flats. With no greenhouse, whats a girl to do? So I’ve been on a mission to find a way to heat a space big enough to get some […]

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Vertical Garden Ideas: the Pallet Garden

So many great vertical gardens out there in so many styles, but my favorite has to be the pallet garden. Pallets are are so easy to come by in these parts, most garbage days you can grab one. The pictures have been floating around on the internet, but even with all of our ingenuity here […]

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